Commonly used Git Commands

To set Visual Studio Code as Core Editor for Git. This command requires “code –wait” command working from command prompt, if not, then you may Add code to PATH environment variable and check the “code –wait” command working from command prompt OR you may replace “code” by actual path to code.exe Once above command isContinue reading “Commonly used Git Commands”

Azure DevOps with SharePoint Framework Apps

You might have developed SharePoint Framework (SPFx) apps before, but have you ever looked to automate build pipeline for your app so that your builds, tests and releases could all be automated? If so, you are at the right place. In this article. I have tried to gather all the steps that you would haveContinue reading “Azure DevOps with SharePoint Framework Apps”

Create copy of list using PowerShell

Use below script to save list to be copied as template and then create copy of list from the newly created list template. Please note that Posts list is unique in Blog site and hence we can not use above script for creating copy of Posts list in blog site. You get below error whenContinue reading “Create copy of list using PowerShell”

Delete Sharepoint list items with PowerShell

Many a times in SharePoint, we have a need to archive old items as a list grows in size. After moving items to different list or exporting the list items to excel, we may have to delete exported old items from main list. We may use following PowerShell script to delete list items having ModifiedContinue reading “Delete Sharepoint list items with PowerShell”

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